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I just came back from a 5days Royal Caribbean...
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The King Pinyin Diamond Coaching Alliance
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Rekindle The Flame
King Pinyin with Tony Robbins
King has added some great pictures of her and...
Things You Never Hear Successful People Say [From Forbes]
Why are some people more successful than others? Why...
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Episode 14 Women In Leadership Roles
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Sometimes It Takes Failure to Ultimately Lead to Success by Harvey Deutschendorf
Photo Credit: Stuart Miles “If you want to increase your...
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2014 – Illuminate & Shine
Top 10 Inspirational Quotes Worthy of Your Refrigerator by Whitson Gordon
Sometimes, all you need is the right inspirational quote...
The 7 Characteristics That Set Great Leaders Apart by Michelle M. Smith (From TLNT)
No one is perfect, and that goes for our...
7 Ideas to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions by Rajesh Setty (From Huffington Post)
It is common for people to make new year...
14 Things Every Successful Person Has In Common by Dan Schawbel (From
I’m constantly interviewing successful people here at Forbes. Since 2007, I’ve...
Best Advice: We Are Never Choice-less by J.T. O’Donnell (From LinkedIn)
One of the best pieces of advice I ever...
10 Simple Laws of Business Success BY GEOFFREY JAMES (From
If my son or daughter were to ask me,...
What to do when you’re in over your head by Jessica Stillman (From
Ambition is all about pushing yourself beyond your perceived...
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Episode 13 How to Accelerate Your Life Part 2 with Tracey Mitchell
Will a Closed Mind Destroy Your Future? by Bruce Kasanoff (From LinkedIn)
Lots of people – myself included – talk a...
Platinum Mentorship Program Webinar– The SHIFT
Ignite Your Life supports the Fight
Every day, cells in your body divide, grow and...
Ignite Your Life November 2013 – Transformation
3 Keys to Overcoming Adversity by: The John Maxwell Company
Adversity in life is a given. Although it’s never...
Think and Grow Rich
When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich! in...
Episode 12 How to Accelerate Your Life with Tracey Mitchell
Best Advice: Tips for Success and Happiness by Steve Knight (From LinkedIn)
I can’t pinpoint one particular piece of advice I’ve...
Best Advice: If It’s Meant to Be, It Is Up to Me by Naomi Simson (From LinkedIn)
It can be extremely amusing to be the parent...
5 Steps To Finding Your Work Passion by Lynn Dixon (From CareerRealism)
A lot of people tell you to follow your...
9 Tips For Becoming A Successful Networker by Deborah Shane (From CareerRealism)
What’s the secret to being a successful networker? Well,...
A Leader’s Balancing Act by: The John Maxwell Company
Masterful chefs fuse diverse ingredients into a coherent, tasty...
5 Ways Body Language Can Cost You The Job by Debra Wheatman (From CareerRealism)
What your body conveys can tell far more about...
Ambitious Women Face More Obstacles than Just Work-Life Balance by Sarah Green (from HBR)
For the past year and change, the American conversation...
Winning in Life
Ignite November 2012
Mastering the Art of Success
Ignite March 2013
Dreams 2 Reality
Double Platinum Principles
Concrete Jungle
Leadership Conversations with John Maxwell featuring King Pinyin
Episode 11 The 7 Qualities of a World Class Woman Part 2 with Dr. Mike Murdock
Don’t Let Your Career “Just Happen” by Ruth Malloy (from HBR)
We all know The Statistic: Only 4.2 percent of Fortune...
Episode 10 The 7 Qualities of a World Class Woman with Dr. Mike Murdock
Episode 9 MLM:Smart is the New Rich with Tishina Pettiford
Episode 8 Visibly Fit: Health & Fitness Tips with Wendie Pett
Episode 7 Dealing With Fibroid with Nahbila Sonia Thames
Episode 6 Fashion Beauty and Business with Princess Jenkins
Episode 5 The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur with Marjorie Perry
Episode 4 The Courage to Overcome with Tami Gaines
Episode 3 Against All Odds with Jerrod Mustaf
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Episode 2 Overcoming Rejection with Dr Tracey Mitchell
Overcoming Rejection with Dr Tracey Mitchell (Sneak Preview)
The King Pinyin Show Lisa Liberman-Wang Episode 1
The King Pinyin Show Opening
The King Pinyin Show Lisa Liberman-Wang Sneak Preview
One of the most sacred assignments in life is...
God speaks to us all the time. He has...
Ignite Your Life!
I’ve always wanted to create an environment where women...
Unleash The Power Within
IGNITE Your Life women’s conference has come and gone,...
Mastering the Art of Success
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Your Health Matters
Someone once told me that your body takes you...
Press Forward
New Year’s Eve has come and gone; and so...
The only thing that is constant in life is...
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
King Pinyin
“You can NEVER out perform your BELIEF SYSTEM”
King Pinyin Presents 5LINX Platinum Lifestyle Las Vegas 2012
5LINX Lifestyles
Fashion Looks
Welcome to my blog
Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Emeldine King...
King’s Fashion
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I’m so excited about 2013 because...
Commitment is the ability to apply consistent action toward the achievement...
Competence 2
Undoubtedly, you will have realized that “results” is the currency...
Competence goes beyond words. It is the leader’s ability...
7 Year Anniversary
Watch the videos below celebrating Sunny and King’s 7...

About King

King Pinyin is the vibrant and dynamic CEO and founder of Ignite Your Life LLC Women’s movement. She is an author, speaker, success coach, direct sales expert, talk show host and woman of profound faith, who has mentored and inspired many to reach their peak in life through her seminars, coaching sessions, leadership workshops, Mastermind Study Groups, Ignite Your Life Women’s Conference, Platinum Talk conference calls and speaking engagements.

Her career began in the IT field as a Database Administrator, but her passion for public speaking and a burning desire to help people to be, do and have more in life led her to the direct sales industry where she is currently an elite top leader, mentor, life & business coach to an organization of 40,000+ independent business owners as well as an advisory council board member for the INC500 company. Always the visionary leader, She was instrumental in the company’s international expansion efforts into Africa as Vice President of Sales and into Canada.

Believing wholeheartedly that effective leadership strategies is the difference maker and the deal breaker in every organization, King became a founding member of the prestigious John C Maxwell Certification Program. Effective Leadership strategies is how we grow organizations and impact lives. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, King offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, geared toward aiding personal and professional growth through the study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Becoming a Person of Influence, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Put Your Dreams to the Test & Leadership Gold).

Committed to living her personal, professional and spiritual life at a level few ever attain, King joined the Anthony Robbins Platinum Partnership program in 2012. Limited to one hundred and fifty serious players worldwide, the elite members of the Partnership enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to be personally coached by Anthony Robbins, and meet with master teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth. Through this partnership King has access to tools and resources that will help any individual, organization or company to experience massive growth and success.

King is a co-author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen; co-author of Concrete Jungle with Bob Proctor, Mark Leader and Steve Rizzo, co-author of Words of Wisdom with Brian Tracy and Dr. John D Gray, co-author of Leadership: helping others to succeed with
Dr. Warren Bennis, Senator George Mitchell and Patricia Schroeder; and co-author of No Winner ever got there without a Coach with Dr. Pam Brill and David Rock.
She has been profiled in Success from Home magazine (2008) and Your Business at Home magazine (2007), (2010), (2011) and Women of Wealth Magazine (special edition 2014). King has been a featured guest on Wisdom Keys with Dr. Mike Murdock airing on The Word Network, Dish network and DirecTV.

Her mission is to equip, encourage and empower people across the globe to break free from dis-empowering beliefs and to explore the unlimited potential that lie within the human soul.

As one of the nation’s upcoming dynamic conference speaker, King travels 30+ weeks a year, delivering speeches, seminars and workshops to a diversified group of audiences. Passionate, purposeful, motivational,humorous and down-to-earth, King touches the lives of her audiences in a very special way, and inspires them to reach their peak in life.

Her purpose is transparent; her message inspirational and transforming. We are spiritual beings on a physical experience on earth. So we can Be, Do and Have anything we want. It’s time to Illuminate and Shine!

For more information about King Pinyin please visit: King Pinyin Conferences