I’ve always wanted to create an environment where women could come to be equipped, encouraged and empowered. A place where women could take a break from their hectic lives and connect with other women, with the sole purpose of re-igniting the fire in every area of their lives. An environment where for 3 days, women are treated like the princesses and queens that they truly are. That place is called IGNITE Your Life women’s conference. On March 15-17th, we gathered at the Greenbelt Marriott hotel in Maryland to ignite our lives. It was uplifting, refreshing and mind-blowing! The women looked drop-dead gorgeous in their white, pink, gold and yellow outfits! It is true that women are primarily moved by contribution, and not so much by money. I witness this first hand throughout the weekend. Every woman from the event staff, to the speakers and conference participants added significant value to each other. It was impossible not to feel the sisterly love in the atmosphere all weekend long. Ladies were very quick to wrap their arms around each other in a show of affection, love and support as fear, doubt, barriers and negative thoughts were being released. They were also very quick to celebrate the success stories and breakthroughs with each other.



    What do Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, John Maxwell, Darren Hardy and all successful people have in common?

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  • Commitment is the ability to apply consistent action toward the achievement..

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