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Starting the Diamond alliance mentorship program with King is one of the most valuable and rewarding investment I have made in my life.It has transformed me and by default every thing around me is beginning to get better. I was raised in a culture that did not stress the importance of having a mentor or just didnt understand what mentors did because it was always assumed you go to “the elders” for advice. I found out I had A LOT of questions about life,self awareness,personal development… and “the elders” did not have answers.
My journey to awareness ,self discovery, and finding my purpose started when I met my mentor Ms King,since then I have had several moments of mental shifts and clarity to some of life’s challenging questions. Through the mentorship program I had those questions answered and was empowered and equipped with what it take to grow in all aspects of life. What King teaches is aligned with a lot of what I believe in she just makes it more clear and understandable on a deeper level.i can say with certainty. ..I am much better and everything around me is becoming soon much better because of the mentorship program.Thank you King! i am forever grateful.

Nita M.

I always sensed there was a power in me that I couldn’t explain. I knew there was a lot I wanted to accomplish in life, but at the same time, I was afraid. Most people have a fear of failure. I had a fear of success. I was constantly going back and forth with myself, asking myself if I was good enough or worthy enough, and that only left me stuck. Over the past 10 weeks I’ve developed such a sense of clarity about who I am and what I want. I learned to tap into that power within in me and for once, I truly believe I can create the life I’ve always wanted. Success is no longer a fear. It’s no longer a question of “if”. It’s a matter of “when”. What I learned from King has transformed my life. If you’re ready to make a change, invest in yourself and join Diamond Coaching Alliance. It’s what you don’t know that keeps you stuck. Once you become aware, you give yourself the power to change.


Kings coaching program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. This program has enlightened my mind and forever changed my life! My entire mindset and way of thinking has completely shifted. Thanks to her i will always seek more for myself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Thank you King for being so selfless with us and pouring all that awesome knowledge into us, we love and appreciate everything💋

Dorretta Coleman

OMG! I just want to say thank you King for helping me to get clarity in my life. This is the second time I’m taking your mentorship program and I didn’t think you could surpass the first one but you have truly surpassed my expectations. I see the change in my marriage, my children, my business and most importantly MYSELF. Your mentorship, Coaching Program is the “Real Deal”.
I have had people say to me that King’s mentorship is expensive and I say to them but it’s like non other. We get more than we pay for. IT’S PRICELESS!!
With heartfelt Love and Gratitude to you I am forever grateful for GOD allowing us to cross paths. I Love You and may GOD continue to Bless YOU as you continue to pour into others.
I look forward to doing the 2 das Breakthrough session with you.


Life is a journey that you can control with certainty provided you know WHO YOU ARE. I’m so Happy & Grateful that a year ago, I came accross an acquintance that will forever change my beliefs thus my life.
Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin saw the best in who I was and unconditionally gave me the secret to navigate through life, secret that made her a self accomplished millionaire that she is today. Secret that I recommend to anyone out there, secret that we all deserve to know. I stood receptive to her guidance and teaching as well as following her coaching and a paradigm shift ocurred within me. I changed my beliefs that consequently changed my acquaintances, upgraded my standards. I got empowered and understood clearly ” the multi- dimensional body that I live in, the ” Who I am” and that I really am. This drastic shift of mind , of spiritual elevation, tuned me into the purest Health and Wealth thus Conscious Happiness.!! I now have Clarity, Certainty and Focus on my Vision. My Thoughts, my Beliefs and my Actions are in alignment. Thank you King for pouring into others like you do!

Arlington, VA

Beatrice N

One decision, one encounter forever altered and transformed my life — Diamond Coaching Alliance.

I lacked so much in the self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth areas of my life. I settled for the status quo although I always knew deep inside I was created for more. I allowed others to define me and tell me who I was. I dimmed my light and blended into the background so that others would be comfortable with me. I was smiling on the outside but slowly dying on the inside.

Through DCA, today I stand assured, bold, confident, determined, fearless, and unstoppable. I have learned how to manifest what I want in life. I have learned not to apologize for who I am. I have learned there is no need to compete with others. I have learned life is energy. I have learned that I am nature’s greatest miracle. I have learned that I can be do and have anything I want. I have learned that everything I need to succeed lies within me. There is so much more I have learned and gained – this is only a glimpse.

There aren’t enough words to thank King Pinyin. Whenever I reflect on the impact Diamond Coaching Alliance has had on my life, the tears just flow. Diamond Coaching Alliance – PRICELESS!!

Baltimore, MD.

Tanya A

I had the pleasure of being in King Pinyin’s Awesome Coaching Program these past few weeks. I’m so sad that Sunday is our last session. King has added so much Value and Insight to my Success Journey. Her unique, spiritual gifting added a whole different dynamic. She has exposed me to so many new things that I look at life through different eyes. I now know that my blessings are right here in the atmosphere just waiting for me to claim them. To understand that there is no shortage of wealth and prosperity in this world that God created, was truly a revelation to me. King has taught me that we have the Power to create endless possibilites in our life, I thank her for sharing her essence with me and the other fabulous ladies. Forever grateful, forever transformed and ready to take action. Love you King…


Judy M

I’ve been blessed beyond words since the Lord led me to King. I prayed for a mentor/coach To help me advance my life and God showed her to me in a few days. My life has totally changed for the best.
Behold, I was privileged to be a part of her Diamond coaching alliance program… I’ve experienced more growth in the last couple of months than in my 14-year career in corporate America.

I started seeing results right away… The right people were drawn to me. I have better control over my emotions. Even my friends have noticed a huge difference and are interested in being a part of the program.

Truly like does attract like! I know that I can Be Do and have whatever I desire. I am much more aware of myself, my environment and the universe plus how it operates. I have learned and still learning life principles to help me succeed. Emeldine King you are a true blessing from above, thank you for giving me access. I’ll recommend the coaching program to every single person I know who truly wants to succeed in life. Blessings! ️ ️


You know when you think you have life all figured out then you realize you don’t. That was probably the first thing I learned in this program- that I had a lot to learn. Over the next 12 weeks, my life transformed more than it has in my entire 26 years. The second thing I learned was just how amazing and full of potential I was. Before I would say I was okay. Now I will tell you that “I am nature’s greatest miracle. I will tell you that “I can be, do, and have everything I want”. For once, I can say what my purpose is in life. For once, I can say that I, without a doubt, will absolutely achieve every and anything I set my mind to.

I don’t think words can really describe how thankful I am to be a part of this program. I don’t think words can describe how transformational King is. You’ll simply have to join and watch your life transform before your eyes. Literally. I’ll never be the same. Because I will always keep learning, growing, and striving for greatness.

12 weeks changed my life. It’ll do the same for you, once you decide to commit to you. A better you, with a better future than you thought was possible.

King, I’ll always be thankful to you and for you.

New York City


The race is not for the swift but he who endured to the end.My Mentor King has been going the extra mile to sow some productive seeds into my barren land. And I have been experiencing a bountiful crop. My cup is running over. Thank you for sharing and pouring into me so  selflessly.

Greenbelt, MD 




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