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I remember sitting in my 3rd or 4th IGNITE Conference, with my daughter who was 8 at the time when King shared that she was starting an intimate coaching program with a select group of woman. A voice inside me said “ You better go, she is talking to you”, then my daughter turned to me and said your signing up right? I knew it was what I NEEDED but I hesitated and let the opportunity pass me by because of so called “Finances”. How often do we let a small thing like that stop us?

After that when I got back to the next IGNITE, I knew I could not leave there without answering the Call……King gifted everyone with cards that day we all had to pick one from a basket …….. I’m sure the ladies who were there remember too…..she said “you will get the card that is right for you”. My card said “BELIEVE” I still have it to this day. I cannot express how grateful I am to have Emeildine King Pinyin in my ear as a mentor coach and guide. Proximity is more than Powerful it is a true blessing from God..

King’s coaching and fellowship with the other Diamond ladies has truly reintroduced me to myself. When you in a dark place and your eyes become open it becomes so clear that there is a MUCH , MUCH, MUCH Bigger Picture, and where you fit into it that is truly a gift that you cannot put a monetary value on. I now understand that this is truly a JOURNEY.. and as I get more and more Still and allow Faith to take the lead I will go exactly where I need to be…

My prayer for the woman that is reading this and connecting with me… is that you will act on your FAITH and “BELIEVE” in yourself and move forward into the Diamond Coaching Program with King because it will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself on this side of eternity.

Thank you to my mentor & coach Emeldine King Pinyin and all of the Diamond Ladies … simply thank you

Brooklyn, NY

Khai S

I am so grateful that my path crossed with Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin. For as long as I could remember I have desired more. Not necessarily material things…. I wanted more quality in my life. I never quite fit in this group or that clique or or even my family. I have been viewed too opioniated,  compassionate to a fault, wear my heart on my sleeve  and even controlling. Physically, I felt like I needed to tone down or over do it to be accepted.  I struggled with depression and anxiety and people closest to me didnt even know how bad it was. King gave me “permission” to be who I am “without apology”. She took the time formally and informally to let me know I was worthy and that she believes in me. This is the second time I have been apart of the Diamond Alliance Coaching. Along with all of the Ignite Your Life conferences my life has changed.  It has changed my  mindset, belief and overall quality of life. I left an unhealthy relationship and  unfufilling job. My spritual life and faith in God has been restored. I have built strong friendships and I am apart of a true sisterhood. My home may not be perfect but its peaceful and love is always present. I am working in my passion and I am fulfilled and honored.  I am actively working my business (“without forcing it”).  There have been set backs and sacrifes but the journey us not complete. I pray daily that I will encourage, support or believe in others as those have done for me…  Thank you King for pouring into others, you have a gift!

Baltimore, Maryland


I remember the last Ignite conference as if it was yesterday because that’s when everything changed for me. I remember I had two options. To go for a presentation the following day or to attend Ignite. I went to bed and I prayed for guidance that night. The following morning, I was up and ready. The next thing I realized, I was on my way to Ignite conference. By the end of the first day I made up my mind that I wanted to be in King’s presence no matter what.

To tell you I was broken before starting the coaching is an under statement. I was broken, desperate and hurt. I used to cry every single night seeking a breakthrough so bad. And just as King says “Every prayer gets answered”. My 13 weeks coaching with King has been a miracle.

The biggest concern was my business and my husband. I wanted him back in business. I had lost everything. Nothing was moving. Within one week of working with King things started shifting. Now, we’re are back in momentum & my husband is up & running like never before.

I have so much testimony to share hopefully I get a chance to share with you one day. By the end of the coaching I found out the biggest reason why all this was happening. That’s a testimony for my next 5 weeks coaching with King. I can’t stop and I won’t stop. I thank God for this powerful and divine sent woman everyday. She is my Mentor, My Coach, My big sister and most of all a woman who is always ready to help. Life is always teaching you a lesson. Just pay attention. I stand today to say that I AM Victorious thank you King Pinyin. Love her to the moon and back.



I remember meeting King when I was in the same business back in 2008.  She was a lady that I admired because she seemed to have it going on!  I kept up with her on facebook over the years.  Then I saw a post come into my newsfeed about the ignite conference.  I was in church the next Sunday and got a strong witness in my spirit to attend the conference.  It just would not go away!  I knew she was a spiritual lady so I looked forward to learning from her.  Well I attended the conference and enjoyed myself, but the coaching has changed and impacted my life so profoundly!  My mindset has shifted and I have gone to another level.  I now understand how to manage my multiple business projects at another level!  Thank you King for the awesome coaching and for yielding yourself to hear from Spirit during the sessions!



My heart is filled with so much gratitude!

Earlier this year I understood the importance of investing in myself and I was determined to do just that to further my growth and personal development. I also understood the importance in finding the right coach, someone fit for you, who would challenge you to dig deep and do the hard work, who would guide you through the process, who would remind you to think truthfully and see the magnificence and miracle you truly are. I was so excited when my mentor, Mrs. Pinyin, announced enrollment for the Diamond Coaching Alliance program. I registered immediately! Little did I know… I got waaaaaay more than what I expected. I’ve been blessed to be coached over the past few weeks by this phenomenal woman.

Over these few weeks, I was able to manifest financial increase and was blessed with close to $10K raise at my job. Things are truly shifting & evolving for me personally and professionally. Best part, this is just the beginning.

I came into this coaching program looking for CLARITY in specific areas. Today I’m making bold moves in my life because I know what I want. I’m so grateful because I am now well on my way and the future looks so bright!! I’m thankful I made such an investment in myself and I would recommend it to anyone who is truly looking to evolve and take their life to the next level. The bonds and friendships created during this program with the participants are priceless.

I know that as I ASK, it will be given to me in due time! God is so awesome! 🏾

#Grateful #Growth #PersonalDevelopment #Clarity #MyJourney

Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin, thank you!

Gaithersburg, Maryland


King’s coaching program was a God Send for me. As a Senior Vice President in my company, there are always ups and downs. I realized that I still needed to grow even more in order to get to the next level.  I found out that I had to change my vibration. That’s where King was instrumental. Her program allowed me to dig really deep and get in touch with myself and change my vibration. Thanks King for sharing the knowledge that you have acquired over the years with us. I feel empowered.

New York City 


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your Coaching Program. It is helping me to reset and getting back to focusing on being the best that I could be at serving others. “The Science of Getting Rich” showed me that I was in the state of mind of wanting to serve when I was in medical school. I was proud of myself graduating from such a grueling course of study and still having compassion for my patients and colleagues even when the same was not shown to me in return. When I went through residency training I felt compelled to enter the competitive realm in trying to get the best, most interesting cases and seeing the most patients in order to be evaluated as one of the best doctors all with “service with a smile”; and it continued into my practice until I hit a brick wall. I had had enough of this craziness. That was when I realized why the older physicians had a more Zen-like disposition than the younger doctors starting out. The craziness was not worth the toll it takes on your spirit. An Emergency Medicine doc in Zen mode? The Best! For me and my patients.

I got it. TIME TO EVOLVE! Can’t wait for your 2017 Ignite Your Life. Thank you. Wishing you God’s continued Blessings.



I have been so blessed by this Diamond alliance coaching session. I have been able to learn, grow and share with like minded women who want more but desire direction. King has helped me to see my worth, push through my obstacles and set realistic goals. She has also encouraged and equipped me to understand that I am living the life my thoughts have created. All areas of my life have been shifted during this consistent connection. I am now confident that I can have, be and do anything in Jesus name! My life has changed and I can’t wait see where my life will be this time next year!! Thanks King!

What a blessing it has been to be under your mentorship for the past 11 weeks. Thank you doesn’t capture my gratitude enough.  This program has truly challenged me and stretched me beyond where I ever thought I could go and I am not the same woman, mother, wife or spiritual being that I was. It is difficult to sum up what this program has done for me. More than just a shift has taken place in my life because of your Mentorship King….I now have an awareness about myself that I’ve never experienced before. It’s because of this awareness that I am learning to see and experience life with a deeper, clearer vision and I understand me more than ever before. I’m so greatful to God for you and I’m so excited because I know this is just the beginning.

Self-awareness is the foundation of growth and that is one of the most import things I’ve gained because of you abd this amazing Coaching Program.

I’m so greatful for this journey and greatful God sent you as one of my guides!

God bless you!

Thank you King,

Kim Ridley

I’m  sitting here taking an inventory of my life and as I think things over, I wanted to share my overwhelming feeling of Gratitude to this Amazing Mentor and Coach Ms. Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin. This Diamond Coaching Alliance is the missing link that you don’t know is missing until you experience the program. What this program does is allows you to open doors to your own self. If you participate and do the work King will assist you in stepping into your destiny, figuring out who you are, and your purpose for those who aren’t quite clear. She will assist you with understanding, and clarity on your life. Although it’s a group coaching it is the perfect safe haven to connect with others similar, yet unique. Through the conversations and sharing of information you are able to grow and develop individually from your own personal experiences and interactions within the group. King has a special way of pouring into each person individually and together. Even if you are clear about who you are and where you are going. This program will give you the  access to the things that are blocking you and are holding you back from taking not only your business but, more importantly your life to the next level. As for me participating in this program not once but twice has allowed this once upon a time shy girl in an adult body, permission to live, and step out, and into my true self.

The true me that continues to evolve, grow, and develop with each day. It gives you the wisdom and the awareness to be open to things and situations that without the coaching you would never be open enough to recognize. This program is bigger than business. It’s the Foundation and the core information necessary to succeed in every aspect of life and your journey here on earth. She gives you the perfect blend of Reality wake-up calls on your own life. While also sharing a spiritual realm that is necessary for you to be present to whose you are and gives you the tools to open up and manifest your future. Whatever that is for you. As much as I am a stickler about my money I have to say this program is worth every penny and more. I don’t want you to go up on the price King!! I honestly have to say that as each day passes by and life is happening. I am so equipped and so assured even when there is foolery and or ridiculous things happening around me. For that alone it is Priceless the entire Experience is worth the investment. I would definitely do it again and again. I Thank you for saving me from me. I Thank for my growth which has kept my marriage together.  I Thank you for helping me to own who I am without any apologies. I Thank you for the Joy that I have in my heart and the willingness I have to Share it with the world!!!

Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin you Freaking Rock!!! I Love You, I Love You, I Love You!! THANK YOU!!! XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO

New York City 




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